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I’m not a web developer, just a humble writer, editor and proofreader

          Birth of the idiot Spurred on by assurances that it’s easy to create a website, I decided to set up my own. I could see it. Elegant and dignified, no fancy bells and whistles, informative but not stuffy. It would champion the benefits of communication that is grammatically correct, is […]

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Gearing up for freelancing

Vivid images of old age and senility besieged my mind when I was reluctantly bumped into the ranks of senior citizen over a year ago. Father Time had caught me napping, and I still hadn’t answered that recurring question of years: “Am I doing what I want to do, or settling for what I am […]

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My good luck freelance omen?

My heart almost stopped the other day when I come across this enormous spider just hanging around upside down in a web in my garden. I operate my writing, editing and proofreading business from home and was taking a much-needed break in the garden when I made this heart-stopping discovery. Rooted to the spot I […]

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