How long does editing take?


This question is asked so often and is difficult to answer with accuracy. It all depends on the type of document, the standard of writing and the level of editing required. If research is necessary it will increase the time.

time taken to write, edit and proofread

Professionally written documents are quicker to edit than documents that need extensive sentence restructuring.

I do three edits – a first scan, an in-depth edit, and a final proofread (remember a ‘standard’ page has 250 words).

Based on my experience (counting all the pages and all the hours), I have come up with this rough estimate:

  • Proofreading only: 6–8 pages per hour (approximately 1500–2000 words)
  • Light editing (professionally written documents): 4–5 pages per hour (approximately 1000–1250 words)
  • Standard editing: 3–4 pages per hour (approximately 750–1000 words)
  • Advanced editing: ½–2 pages per hour (between 200–500 words)


A general estimate of the time involved in writing and developing content:


  • Writing, copywriting, rewriting and web content: 8–12 hours per 1000 words
  • Web copyediting: 1½–3 hours per page