How do you define a page?

A standard page contains 250 words, in Times New Roman or Arial font size 12, double-spaced lines with 2.54cm margin settings all round.


How do you charge?

Generally I charge by the word. Should the document be a PDF submitted for proofreading, I charge a per page or hourly rate.


Do you include formatting? 

Yes. I ensure that formatting and style are consistent throughout a document. Many organisations have a style guide and this should accompany documents that are submitted. If not available, I will draw up a style guide for your requirements.


Do you track the changes? 

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Yes. I use the track change feature in Microsoft Office Word. This allows you to see what I have done and you can accept or decline the changes. Where necessary I provide comments and feedback.


What are your fees?

I need to evaluate a document and know your exact editing requirements and expectations before I am able to determine a fee. I charge per word based on the suggested Safrea and LAMP rates. See Rates and payment.


Can I edit my own material? 

You certainly can, but you are likely to miss what an experienced eye will notice. It is difficult to look at your own writing the way others will read it. And please don’t rely on automated grammar- and spell-check programmes as they are notoriously unreliable.


How long will it take to edit my document?

It is difficult to estimate how long editing will take. Much depends on the standard and complexity of the work. I have, however, worked out a rough guide, which you will find under Information, How long does editing take?


Do you re-edit a manuscript/document for free until it is accepted? 

My quotations make provision for two drafts. The second draft deals with checking the suggested amendments made in the first draft – only the amendments, not the entire manuscript or document.


What must I send to get a quotation? 

Click here for further information on editing.


I have another question…

I would love to hear it! Please contact me.